Review Course Section Quiz 01

1. 200 yd3 (CY) of undisturbed bank soil that is excavated, stored, and then placed and compacted as back fill will have a final volume of __________. The soil’s swell factor is 21% and the shrinkage factor is 14%.
2. The soil excavated from an undisturbed site is typically measured in units of:
3. How much backfill soil is required to fill a 3 ft deep x 3 feet wide x 1000 foot long trench? The soil swell is 27% and the shrinkage is 10%.
4. The first step in assembling a CPM project plan is to define the _______ including duration, start date, finish date, predecessors, etc.
5. In a project’s CPM schedule, the following 5 items make up the critical path: (1) 4 days, (2) 2 days, (3) 10 days, (4) 21 days, and (5) 7 days. If a defined path has the following 3 items – (a) 4 days, (b) 14 days, and (c) 7 days – to be completed by the completion date, what is the total float?

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