Review Course Section Quiz 02

1. Which of the following standards addresses construction loads pertaining to temporary facilities?
2. Two 18-foot long, simply supported beams are temporary installed to support a small construction crane. The crane will have 4 points of contact on the beams (2 contact points per beam.) The points of contact are 6 feet apart. What size beams are required if the maximum allowable deflection is ½”? The weight of the crane plus the maximum load it can lift equals 1,000 kips.
3. A method of construction where prefabricated wall panels are transported to the jobsite with electrical wiring, receptacles, and switches already installed in known as:
4. A steel brace is required to support a temporary shoring wall. 1 – ¾” A307 bolt will be used to attach the support to the shoring. What is the maximum shear force the bolt can resist?
5. A temporary support will have ¼” angles bolted to a beam. The load on the connection is 36 kips and single shear is the main concern. What size and how many A307 bolts will be required per connection?

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